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Originally Posted by particlewave View Post
That's called the "start lock relay".
When all conditions are met, the relay allows the car to start.

The main things you're bypassing are the clutch switch and transponder pickup coil, IIRC.
I'll get out the shop manuals this weekend and delve deeper, but you can start by looking at those two things.
The clutch switch is easy enough to check with a DVM. The transponder coil is around the ignition and since you were in that area, it might be the more likely culprit (wires got unplugged, pinched or the coil moved and now is not communicating with the pill in the key head).
This situation left me wondering if there are any consequences of not having to push the clutch pedal in order to get the car started. In other words, should I fix this problem right by removing the jumper cable and using the switch the way it is supposed to be used...or should I leave it like that?

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