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Originally Posted by Sergio View Post
Thank you particlewave, where is the start lock relay out located? (driver's side trunk?) How do I identify it (#7)? If jumping those terminals does start the engine, can I shut it off by turning the ignition key off or do I have to remove the jumper? Yes, just turn the key off.
Is there any way to measure the voltage at the starter from underneath the engine?Not really. Access is much easier from the top.
Looks like I need to remove many parts to access it from the top. I doubt it is the starter as I never had any problems starting it before...but electrically, anything can happen. Is there any way to directly test the DME/security lockout? The jumper test will tell a lot. If there is an issue with the DME, I can help with some routine tests from there.
I'm sure your issue is going to turn out to be something simple, though (probably related to the work you did).

Sorry for all the questions at once, but I think this is the right path. Thanks again!
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