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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Plus one. This is me too. the PSM kicks-in for me on the street a LOT.... especially in inclement weather. [/QUOTE

That's why in 2003 when I was shopping for a Boxster S, I targeted 2000 MY.
....Ditto! The last of the anolog cars. I have a standing request to buy my car for this reason. The guy is a Radical driver. There is just something about having it all up to you..

Yes PSM is safer and probably would have saved me from myself on the street a couple of times but I am not sure how I feel about it on a track. I felt that the whole idea was to develop a feel for limits or the approach to them. Don't think one can do this with the brakes chattering every time you make the approach. Even in want just build up to where back end just slides or twitches a bit every time...well this is what I was going for anyway.

I can remember when a 996 TT guy in my run group started to get way faster than me after I had the upper hand for while. The straights were one thing but now he was diving past me into the Twisties. We were both new non-experts and I was definitely pretty far away from 10/10ths. So asked him how the heck he was able to get away with it....and he said "Oh I have stability control going off all the way around the lap's saving me in every corner".

I have to admit that I felt a little cheated...
00 986 S....with a few tweaks

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