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Thanks all for reading and sharing ur thoughts!

LOL I see there are arguments for and against my situation. I think the core question is: when you do a PPI, do you pay for a report (implicitly or explicitly)? An example which satisfies the criteria would be: it isn't stated legally anywhere, but common business practices = a report is given. I've never been a mechanic so I'm unfamiliar with what I'm obliged to receive VS the extras that are provided altruistically so the mechanic gets into my good books. The ans to this is all that matters; if I did pay for a report then they need to provide one, if I didn't then i'll probably go fly a kite.

Also, update: 7 recorded instances which I sms-ed them requesting for the report in an unaggressive way. This excludes the >>2-3 times I requested for the report over the phone. At this point, the answer to the above is all that matters because requesting nicely obviously will not magically make my PPI report come to me

I don't think it's productive to name the shop; its the reason i left it out in the first place. The shop is out of state from me so I wouldn't be working with them in the future anyway. So the answer to the above is really all I'm interested in lmao. Frankly, at this point, I don't even mind paying a few extra bucks to get my report to file it/follow up on the small issues on my boxster.

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