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Originally Posted by Burg Boxster View Post
On rennlist such a post would garner pages of ridicule for now trying to blame a shop for your failure to:
  • remember all the issues they identified for and to you
  • write them down at the time they informed you of them
Yeah, lol. F*ck that.

I've never heard of a PPI that was absent a written report. Surely the examining institution took notes... checked off boxes... and was signed by the examiner.

OP said he asked for, more than once, the written results, AKA a Report. Further, he's been ignored.

If I were considering a purchase, and the preliminary results were shared verbally and with no major concerns, I would consider effecting the purchase. However, I'd also want that written, hard-copy report. For whatever reason including having them available for the next buyer.

The OP should name the examining shop.

Rennlist? LOL.
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