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Originally Posted by shibeinboxsters View Post
Hey all - I did a PPI on a Boxster 2 months ago through a phone call. I was told what they found wrong with the vehicle etc through a call and I eventually decided to buy the car. I asked for a copy of the report on the day they did the ppi/payment was made, as well as numerous times after and i've basically been ghosted. Couple of questions here:

1. Is the mechanic legally required to provide the report (in pdf, picture or paper form)? Does a PPI comprise of the inspection labor as well as the report after?

2. If they didn't provide the report do I have any recourse?

I'm a little annoyed because I can't remember all the issues OTOH and it makes little sense to pay for another PPI. I'd also love to file the PPI under documentation in case theres a future owner. Appreciate the read and any help!
On rennlist such a post would garner pages of ridicule for now trying to blame a shop for your failure to:
  • remember all the issues they identified for and to you
  • write them down at the time they informed you of them

Luckily, 986forum is much kinder.

There must not have been too serious of concerns. Otherwise you obviously would have made note of, negotiated on, and gotten repaired ASAP. Sounds like "green green green" to me!

Congrats on the new to you Boxster. How about posting some pix of your new beauty?

Good luck and enjoy your new Boxster!
"Cool Prius!"
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