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I built a rally car, now what?

I turned one of my junkyard boxster's into a rallycross car and want to go racing. I took it out a few weeks ago and had a blast. It's amazing how well a boxster does on rough terrain. It was faster than everything there. Most of the competition isn't that impressive but there were some turbo'd Subaru's and other awd vehicles it beat.

I'm blessed because there's three rallycross tracks within 45 minutes of me and I'm hoping to visit all three soon. My problem with rallycross is that every track I look into is small. So small I probably won't even get out of third gear. I want more options and I want to go faster. This leads me to my question. Do any of you guys know where I can take my rally boxster to race and have fun? It seems Europe has all the fun road courses and over here in the states all we have are these small little tracks built on empty pasture. I can't believe with all the land we have in the US that there's not more races held on empty dirt roads. I'm really hoping someone knows of a race held in the south central US as I live close to Austin Texas. I'm also open to racing in Mexico as my racing partner is from there
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