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Originally Posted by thom4782 View Post
Let me ask my question in a different way to those who have relocated their emergency hood release cable through the threaded tow hole.

If you tow the car, do you simply push the cable out the back of the hole to make room to screw the tow hook into the bumper and then reroute the cable back through the hole after the tow?

My concern is this. The cable gets pushed out the back of the hole for towing. For some reason the electric release won't work afterward. Then I can't find the cable because its now flopping around somewhere behind the bumper.

As mentioned at the beginning, time will tell if this is a clever idea or not. What do you think?

Any ideas / suggestions?

Hi all:

Resurrecting this old thread to put forth an idea that might work.

Recall, I relocated my emergency cable to the tow hook hole. At the time I was concerned on how to re-thread the cable back through the hole once it get pushed back behind it when screwing in the tow hook. So here is my idea and time will tell if it works.

First I drilled 1/8" hole about 1/2" deep in the end of the hook. Next, I mixed up some JB Weld and filled in the hole with the mixture. Then, I inserted a medium eye screw into the hole and let it set for 15 hours. See pictures

The general idea is this. The release cable is stored in the tow hook hole. When I need to use the tow hook, I pull the cable forward and tie s short string between the eye screw and the cable loop. Then I push the cable back into the hole and screw in the tow hook. The string twists so I avoid the problem of a twisted cable. When done, I just reverse the process and pull the cable back through the tow hook hole, untie the string and restore the cable. The string stays with the tp\ow hook so it doesn't rot by getting wet behind the bumper cover.

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