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Originally Posted by SCCA_AX View Post
Chiming in because I've wanted to do this for a while. Are you on the standard suspension or the M030? I have all the US M030 part numbers saved somewhere if you need them.

Can you get to the adjusters on all 4 Konis while installed?

How's the gearing? I think my biggest concern with the 986 (or Porsches in general) is 2nd gear digs.

I think things got a lot tougher with the 2019 ND2, but still a fun project. STR 986S or 987 base is also on my list of things I'd like to try.

I too think I would try 17" 245s square first, but that's pure speculation.
Standard. I can't get a complete breakdown on Porsche letterhead of the M030 package and my car doesn't have it equipped already, so it's not worth risking right now. I can change the struts and one sway bar anyway, so it's basically just the springs and other swaybar if I ever do get my hands on the info.

Gearing is super favorable for Nationals-levels courses. Second fuel cuts at a GPS and data-logged verified 73 MPH, which is higher than the 67ish of the ND, and the 986 S makes more torque and from a lower RPM than the ND so grunt out of the hole should not be an issue. I'm going to dyno the car after finalizing the new exhaust to get good torque vrs RPM graphs to estimate acceleration G's.

I am running the staggered 18's and tires, I am theorizing that absolute peak grip is going to be more important than the superior transitioning of the square setup. I ran square setups on the RX7, Miata, 944, and 914 and staggered on the P71, Javelin, and Cobra, so I have experience with both.
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