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It's been a few months.... time to update this saga. (If you're not going to read the post, skip to the end where I say SOUL Performance Freakin' ROCKS!!!

You'll see below, in the first post, that when I installed these the first time, I wasn't terribly thrilled. It wasn't accomplishing what I had hoped, primarily because they leaked. I was very impressed with their customer-service though: even calling me on Labor-day weekend to discuss the issue I was having, and set my mind at ease.

Ultimately, they ewre half-right. By that, I mean that the right-side quit leaking within a few hundred miles, but the left-side never did. So I took them off, thinking I'd get back to them a little later.

That happened to be 10 days ago. I went out and tried to adjust the stops on the leaking valve, hoping to get it to seal better. I learned two things: I wasn't going to fix them in my shop, and these things are built REALLY, really well. So I sent them a friendly fb message, and asked them to get ahold of me in the coming week. they called me that day! Yeah... these guys are seriously CRUSHING it in the Customer Service department.

I explained to them that the one side still was leaking. Once John heard that it was leaking bad enough that I could HEAR it.... he'd heard enough, and said he'd have his guys reach me on Monday or Tuesday.
Monday I got a message that a new left-side valve was on a truck, on its way to me. !!!!!

I got it installed this evening.... no leaks.... sounds BAD-A$$!!!

I'll post up some sound and video later, when I get a reprieve form the snow around here. But seriously, guys: Any company that stands behind their products as QUICKLY and completely as they have for me, I'm a customer for life.
To agree with PW, below: yes, they're more expensive than what I might build on my own..... but frankly: Worth EVERY RED CENT.
I didn't have an Exhaust Guy before.... but I do now. :-)

Thanks, John & the Gang at SOUL Performance!
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