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Originally Posted by SCCA_AX View Post
Chiming in because I've wanted to do this for a while. Are you on the standard suspension or the M030? I have all the US M030 part numbers saved somewhere if you need them.

Can you get to the adjusters on all 4 Konis while installed?

How's the gearing? I think my biggest concern with the 986 (or Porsches in general) is 2nd gear digs.

I think things got a lot tougher with the 2019 ND2, but still a fun project. STR 986S or 987 base is also on my list of things I'd like to try.

I too think I would try 17" 245s square first, but that's pure speculation.
Do you have the part number for the US m030 springs? Are those even still available for sale? I've only found ROW at suncoast.
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