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4 months later still fighting this problem.

what is the bare minimum that allows boxster to fire?

i shipped off dme/immob/key ... tested good, removed the immob req (illegal, but I wanted to take that out of the equation)

Got dme back, still no joy, dme does work as I tested it in I second boxster I bought as test mule.

i have no fuel pump gnd signal
no fuel injector signal at fuel injector
no spark signal at coil pack

i have 5v and 12v at maf.

i do not have a gnd signal to engage starter on the wire that would engage the starter relay
but on this car it’s push to start, so the relay is hard wired to gnd and relay fires and starter

i have a good CPS signal

I have checked ignition switch and swapped jic, no start.

wgats the bare minimum needed dme needs to want to start the car?

running out of ideas.


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