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Originally Posted by Smallblock454 View Post
No, because when you drive the car there is no constant oil level in the engine (acceleration, braking, corners). The oil is swapping around in the engine oil pan and in the engine. And the hotter the oil is, the more it swaps, because of the lower viscosity. Also when the engine runs oils level is also not constant, because the oil pump circulates the oil and the oil is also "splashed around" (maybe there is a better term for that in english) in the engine.

Regards from Germany,
Hey Marcus,

Thanks for your comment! This is a show&tell thread, I`m just sharing pictures while rebuilding this engine and some thoughts that come up along the way. Whether or not you find it informative is up to you and depends on your interpretatation

I agree, during driving the oil mass is floating around the crankcase, it`s unlikely though that this would negatively affect a ball bearing that otherwise at least half way sits in oil, unless you are speeding around in a rondabout for an hour. As for the circulation, after the engine stopped, most of the circulated oil remains in the oil galleries, this ensures that the oil gets to the plain bearings at the first revolution of the crank upon start. If it was otherwise, the plain bearings, that require constant oil pressure all the time, would be starving at every start leading to bearing failure shortly. Thus, I think the amount of oil that flows back after the pump stops is almost negligible. Or, on the contrary, the level in the sump may even rise a little bit when the engine is running, due to the scavanging pumps pumping the oil back to the sump from the periphery.

Cheers, Greg
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