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Originally Posted by MikeMcMo View Post
Saw this today in Chicago area Craigslist:

Low 53,000 miles Only!!!
Clean in & out
Clean title
Clean runner
6 cylinder
Strong steady smooth ride- strong stops
Automatic top
Automatic or manual transmission-
The sporty look you'll love, combined with that super powerful engine- not under the hood, nor in trunk area, BUT at the Center!
It hugs the road, and it seats you well, even during sharp and fast turns
It's the Porsche beauty and engineering
You are not paying for the car
You are in fact paying for the pleasure derivable from driving it
The pleasure far exceeds the amount you put into acquiring it
Your money is only an instrument by which such delight is experienced
Money has no intrinsic value
It is rather the proper use of it that brings about what's valuable
IF- you can't, or, don't or won't see it through this lens, please bother not to call nor text
It will have been a waste of your time, not mine
Add to that the fact that neither of us truly has the capacity to throw away what, in the first instance, we really cannot hold!
Needless to say, this Porsche is NOT perfect
It's 17, going 18
Sweet I'd say
It has seen the ravages of that small time frame
Yet, it retains its character to make one enjoy what it was made for
If it's worth your interest to consider it for a purchase, then call or text me please
And, if you do, I would assume you are the person who values his/her time, such that even if no deal is consummated, I would have gained another friend today
Thanks for taking time to read
Rest in the thought that I value you more than your money!
Even if I know you not
Not yet
But it's in not knowing you where from arises and originates the innate worth of our humanity
And when such knowledge comes, it blossoms into a relationship that produces the by-product of the exchange of goods/services, i.e.,Porsche
My gratitude to Craigslist for aiding in this, my announcement
And I thought I could write. I think I just threw up a little.
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