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Several changes since the last update here, forgot to get good pictures of some. First, the clutch is replaced, and it's AMAZING. Dash is completely gutted, with only the aluminum supports and gauges still there. (gauge pod is zip-tied to the cross bar.) That puts the car down to 2,460lbs, with the a/c and power steering still on, coming off as soon as we can dyno and get a baseline to see how much we free up with the delete. Maxed out the stock camber adjustments. About -0.7 on the front and looks about like -2.5 or so on the rear. Handling is noticeably gooder, and took all of an hour to do. Got some artwork done on the interior and painted the rims.

Went and found a dirt road.


Less clean:

Turns out the 986 isn't a terrible rally car.
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