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Originally Posted by rick3000 View Post
I thought you could install the upper shelf where the cupholders are, however I cannot seem to find any confirmation on that from a cursory search. It would probably be easier to relocate your AC to the top position, you can then use an OEM trim piece around the top position AC, and install a shelf in any of the other three positions. Note that the lowest position cubby is different than then other two positions.
You can configure those pretty much how you want them. Look here on Pelican, or maybe Suncoast or EBay to find the cubby tray, remove the cup holders and replace. Mine is configured with a double DIN stereo up top, cubby below, and HVAC at the bottom position. If you have a single DIN stereo and no CD or other “filler” you might need a blank plate. Another possibility is a car stereo install kit/plate. Crutchfield is usually a good source for things like that.

Here is an excellent cup holder solution. Just ditch the others. You can also buy ones that clip into the side air vents as well. This site doesn’t allow competitors links. Suncoast has a cup holder that fits in the console cubby. Works great.

https://www.********************************************** ******.com/product/411989.html

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