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I guess I keep forgetting to update here. Anyways, on the 1st we went to Buttonwillow and had a great damn time. Didn't put up great times because we were learning the car and the course, etc, but learned a ton. This past weekend we went to the SCCA weekend event, practice on Saturday and a points meet on Sunday. (We're not members so it doesn't count for anything, we just wanted more seat time and a chance to compete because now it's a REAL racecar.) To our great surprise, we got 2nd and 3rd out of 4 cars in our class, and 3rd and 4th out of 6 for our class group. Not only is this car amazing to drive and great fun, it's also somewhat competitive, even with a stock powertrain and NOT GOOD tires. (Cheap sumitomo's that came on it that get really greasy and slippery once warm.)

Basically, this project is coming along beautifully and progressively. At the auto-x, we completely shredded the clutch chasing the podium, so right now we have the car on jackstands and are chipping away at it after work each day. We're planning on utilizing all day Saturday to get it done. Then it's off the the dyno for a baseline run before we do any power modifications, just so we know if we actually manage to improve anything.

Next on our to-do list is a proper seat and a detachable steering wheel. Somewhere in there, we're also going to do an intake we designed last night, and an a/c+power steering delete. We've done a few things since the last pictures, but I don't have the photos available right now to post. Will update again soon(ish)
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