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Any use for...

I replaced the WP... thermostat, motor mount and original oil pressure valve. So...

I have the thermostat housing (with thermo still inside, works fine). I upgraded to the LT Thermo... and bought the new housing.

I have the motor mount with the bushing still attached (minus the 2 bolts and nuts). I bought the newer motor mount with bushing pre-installed. The older/replaced part doesn't come with the "hook" for the top bolt.

I have the oil pressure piston and spring. Appear perfect.

I have the old water pump. I only replaced it because I didn't know when last it was replaced. It appears to be in good shape and, when I pull/push on the pulley there is a small fraction of amount of movement. Just enough to notice it. The new one had zero push/pull movement.

Would anyone have any use for these parts? I've perused eBay for asking/selling prices... but would entertain a reasonable offer to include shipping to your zip code. I don't have room to store the parts... have no use for them... and simply would like to help my fellow enthusiasts. Shoot me a PM if interested.

Thank you.
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