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Kept my Boxster under a Noah fabric cover for 5 winters. Cover and car were perfect any time I took the cover off. Yes had battery maintainer on too via an extension cord run under the passenger door (since my spare driveway was on the left side of the house). Cal Car Covers was my source. Came in a bag, fit in the frunk when not in use. One man install. soft inner surface, kinda like fleece. I did wash the car before put away to make sure there was no dirt to create abrasives between the clearcoat and the fabric. Had probably 10" smow max on top and ice sheets. At time when things were melting I'd push the snow off with a push broom and stick the cover in a garage to dry while I took the car for a gentle but long run. Both the car and the cover survived beautifully. Never a drop of moisture on the car when uncovered.
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