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Originally Posted by Gilles View Post

Ok, Plan B..?
Perhaps be by using an Epoxy (again on the inside), as I have done it as well on the X1/9 coolant recovery tank.. Please note that the X1/9 tank is shaped much simpler than the 986 tank

As once the Epoxy is fully cured, is definitely Not going anywhere the challenge would be to have a mix that is "runny" (..?) enough to let you cover the inside of the tank.
But by the you have gone to the time and effort to remove the old reservoir, why not pitch it then, and just replace with a new one?

Assuming roughly 15 years or so use received from what I assume to be the original reservoir, a new one installed today takes you out to the year 2033, without the worry that your "patch job" on the old one will hold.

Thanks - DM

P.S - Quite glad that my 1978 X1/9, which I bought new, came with a SS tank! Pictures for the curious: 1978 X1-9 by dave80gtsi | Photobucket
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