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Originally Posted by BirdDog View Post
As long as people are talking about this topic, I thought I'd bring up an idea I had...

I'm betting most of us have seen those "Flex-Seal" commercials...

"We cut this boat in half..." "...even seals underwater..." etc...

I've thought of coating the outside of my tank with it. I'd put masking tape over the level window, and slather a thick coat of the stuff over the entire outside of the tank.

That way, there'd be no problem if the tank eventually cracked, even if it was at a seam or where the supports attach.

Before applying the Flex-Seal I'd wipe the outside of the tank down with a rag and some kind of solvent/cleaner (rubbing alcohol, whatever...) to remove any oily residue so that I'd have a good bonding surface.

Flex-Seal is basically rubber, so it should allow for some expansion/contraction of the tank (as it heats up and cools down) without de-bonding.

Again, just a thought...

If I ever end up doing this I'll post pics and/or a how-to...

(would probably have to be done BEFORE tank failure to provide the best bonding surfaces...)

That would also be equivalent to painting with that sealant paint the walls and floor of your basement hoping it will keep the water from pushing through. The pressure will win in a short amount of time.
Now maybe fiber-glassing the tank and sealing with epoxy coating before install might work
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