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Originally Posted by BirdDog View Post
As long as people are talking about this topic, I thought I'd bring up an idea I had...

I'm betting most of us have seen those "Flex-Seal" commercials...

"We cut this boat in half..." "...even seals underwater..." etc...

I've thought of coating the outside of my tank with it. I'd put masking tape over the level window, and slather a thick coat of the stuff over the entire outside of the tank.

That way, there'd be no problem if the tank eventually cracked, even if it was at a seam or where the supports attach.

Before applying the Flex-Seal I'd wipe the outside of the tank down with a rag and some kind of solvent/cleaner (rubbing alcohol, whatever...) to remove any oily residue so that I'd have a good bonding surface.

Flex-Seal is basically rubber, so it should allow for some expansion/contraction of the tank (as it heats up and cools down) without de-bonding.

Again, just a thought...

If I ever end up doing this I'll post pics and/or a how-to...

(would probably have to be done BEFORE tank failure to provide the best bonding surfaces...)

That boat in the ads is not running on 210F water/glycol mixture at 18 PSIG. Knowing what people have tried (unsuccessfully) to "get the car home" after a tank failure, I don't think any kind of tape is going to do it...………..
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