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I threw on some 17x8.5 wheels with Hankook RS4 tires I got from hanging around the track. You can find cheap tires at race events. I got these for free but you can expect to pay $20-25 a tire if you get lucky. There are some very rich guys who race boxsters and they're very competitive. They want the best and will throw away tires with lots of life still in them. I'm going to leave the box like this until I can get a vibe for where I'll be racing. If the place is laid back then I'll remove the body panels to lose more weight. It only takes 5 minute to remove the hood, doors, clam and truck lid.

This is probably where most of you are going to ask why I did this. I put the radiator inside the frunk for a few reasons. I went to one radiator to lose weight and make it simpler. One radiator for a car that won't be running for long periods of time should be enough. The biggest reason is that the radiator mounted on the side can not handle the abuse I plan on putting it through. Being in the frunk should help protect it. I just need to build a mounting frame for it. I let it idle for about a half an hour with the hood closed and it stayed at 180.
I spent some time clearing for the track on my property. Here's the straight section. The total track is about 1000 yards. I had to keep it small so I could see the whole track from one spot. The first group to race are teenagers.

Almost forgot to add that I took it for a quick spin down my street. It probably wasn't the smartest thing testing how fast a car can go when there's no brakes, and the seat and steering wheel weren't bolted down. It laid rubber for 20 ft though!

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