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Thanks, if you look at it from far enough it seems immaculate It`s a pity it got scratched and dented during storage. I plan to to something to that large dent on the right fender at least.
It's on the top of the fender behind the headlight? You'd be amazed what a good paintless dent repair guy can do. For the scratches - get on Youtube and look around at some of the detail guys - Ammo NYC particularly. He does amazing work on original paint. Check his website out for his products.

I get a lot of satisfaction from bringing a dead Boxster back to life. It might not be the cheapest thing to do, but it's a very satisfying hobby.

If you run into problems, just ask the guys here on the board. There are a lot of smart guys that really know these cars.
I think I have a Porsche problem...
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