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Originally Posted by CliffA View Post
i'm new to Porsche and the 986.....i LOVE my car and intend to keep it a LONG being a fairly good 'shade tree' mechanic i decided to look around the internet for some info on the M96 engines so i can become familiar with the engine and how to do basic repairs and service....because everyone knows that information that is posted on the internet has to be true by law, right?...........

so i came across this article on the M96 engines....

i mean damn!.....this guy paints a pretty horrible picture about the M96....i had heard and read about some of the issues highlighted in this article but not all......i'm almost afraid to drive my car home now for fear of blowing up!......

so, since this internet article has to be true i am now seriously considering, GIVING my car away to anyone that will pick it up.........

just kidding of course....but how much truth is in this attack against the M96 engine and how much is over exaggerated? car had to have a new IMSB around 8,000 miles so i am aware of that particular item.....only have 23,000 miles on the car now....i'm the 2nd owner....


I read several articles about the nefarious IMS/RMS issues, and shopped with eyes wide open. I got my '99 cheap, and literally drove the car first to a trusted mechanic with the mandate to do the IMSB. I asked the previous owner if he had done the IMS, and he told me his shop recommended not to do it (the '99 has a double-row bearing and <1% failure rate). What I didn't notice until after the purchase was the mounts were shot. Those were replaced, and my mechanic also advised not to replace the bearing. He said the car was in good riunning condition. The day after I picked it up from the shop, the inner CV joint exploded. Probably because the previous owner drove the car with bad mounts. In one article about buying a Boxster, the guy said "expect to spend $2K in the first year". He was right. Now I'm just dealing with small issues and focusing on cosmetics.
You need only to look at the number of delighted members here, and the high mileage on their cars. If I think "did I make a mistake buying the car?", I just roll down the window and listen to the engine that sounds like no other!
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