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Here's the pile of stuff going straight into the garbage. An equally size pile was saved to sell. I still have quite a bit of wiring to remove but I want to get the exhaust and cooling system done first. I've seen people go crazy ripping out wiring and then have issues. I plan on getting it running and then slowly removing unnecessary wiring.
I spent a lot of today planning out how to modify the exhaust and cooling system. The 986 exhaust system is extremely restrictive and heavy. Mostly the catalytic convertors are worth money and that's the biggest reason I'm going to make my own exhaust. I had these 997 exhaust manifolds laying around. As you can see in the pictures, the difference in tube size is huge. Maybe even too much.

They aren't a bolt in but I should be able to mount them and run the exhaust over the axles like the 987. For the cooling I've decided to use a 987 radiator mounted inside the frunk. I'll take some pics of that when I'm done.
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