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I looked online, but couldn't find an article I read in Hot Rod magazine many years ago. They took a giant late '60's Pontiac sedan with a 455 cu-in V8 and wrote about the performance gains possible from reducing weight.

They started out with 4 very large men and a trunk full of tool chests, and ran a 21 second 1/4 mile. They then set about removing weight with a cutting torch. By the end of the article, it was basically a bare chassis with a milk crate for the driver to sit on. They did put slicks on the drive wheels, because it was so light that it would just smoke the tires the entire 1/4 mile. If I remember correctly, they ended up with the car weighing less than half of it's original weight, and were able to get into the 11's in the 1/4. That is with no modifications to the engine or drivetrain, simply less weight.

It will be interesting to see how far itsnotanova will go to remove the pounds from the car.
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