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6 months to live build thread

About two years ago I was at a SCCA autocross event and there was a Miata that was completely stripped of everything. No body panels, no interior, nothing. It was just a bare bones rolling chassis. It was by far the ugliest car there but it performed pretty good. The theory is lighter is better and with autocross aerodynamics isn't as important because you don't really go that fast. I thought it would be fun to do that with a boxster. I've been daydreaming about building one for years but never had the time or a good car to use. "Good" in as not wrecked and no one would buy the motor as soon as I got it. I got this car last year after hurricane Harvey. It was flooded but water didn't make it into the motor or transmission. The interior was shot but the car only had 72,000 miles and ran great once I put a good immobilizer in it. It's a 2001 2.7 manual. I rarely sell 2.7 5 speeds and 2.7 motors don't exactly fly off the shelves either. As you can see from the pic, I've been picking parts off it. I had a few bites on the motor but she's just been sitting for the last year. So I figure I'll have some fun with it since it's just sitting there.

So here's my plans. I want to do just like that Miata. I'm going to remove almost everything that doesn't keep the car from moving. I want to make this thing the lightest I can make it. I also don't want to spend a dime doing it. In fact, not spending money trumps everything. The second most important thing is time, because I have none to spare. Removing weight is the easiest and cheapest way to make a vehicle perform better and I'm going to test that theory to the extreme.

You're probably wondering what I'm going to do with it once I'm done building it? Well the first thing I want to do is a few autocross events. I know they won't care about the way it looks. I'd also like to take it to a drag strip for ****************s and giggles. See what she'll do in a 1/8 or 1/4. Heck why not right? If she makes it that far then I have some real fun planned for her on Easter. I have epic Easter parties. This year I plan on getting some beater cars and have a race around my property with them. I've already built the track on about 4 acres and have a 2000 camry and 1999 Legacy lined up to race. I plan on taking the racing slicks off and installing some 31 AT's on it to see what she'll do in the sand. My property is all sand so I'm hoping it doesn't get stuck. The subaru might kill it on the offroad track. I can't wait for Easter! So if the boxster makes it this far, then the great finale of it's life will be when I jump it over other boxsters. Hence the title"6 months to live".
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