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Unfortunately, got the news today that the event we were going to at Willow Springs is a Honda only event. (Anyone ever dealt with eXtremespeed track events before? Their website isn't very well layed out.) Whatever, rescheduling for the 1st at Buttonwillow.

If you're in SoCal and need a cage, I highly recommend Autopower. They did the cage quickly, for a good price, and made a great quality 6-point harness. The roll bar is custom, but I bet they can duplicate it easily. The welds look great, and it's mounted well. However, it would never fit under a top.

Yeah, we just cut the stock seats to route the harness through. They're crap anyways.

Got the car back today, with cage and belts installed. Painted white numbers on the boot lid, and fixed a right brake light that was flickering when going over bumps. (Garbage, cheap aftermarket rear lights.)

Tomorrow's goals (woot woot racecar thanksgiving!) include putting a clear coat on the roll bar to prevent surface rust, painting the numbers on the side white, and seeing if I can get the spoiler to deploy. It doesn't work, and I want to see if I can get it up and just lock it there. Anyone know anything about doing that?
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