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Joining the Porsche family, track rat style.

I've seen plenty of incredibly nice, well-preserved, and gorgeous Boxters and other Porschii around, on the interwebs and in the area I just moved to. (San Diego area) I got this car with the sole intention of a fun track toy. It was decent when I got it. I never had an intention of it staying that way.

2001, 2.7, manual, 150-WHATEVER miles. Myself and a friend wanted a project, so we got one. When we picked it up, it was a perfectly fine, bone stock, in good shape road car. It is not now.



Actually, what we did was strip it completely. (BTW, for sale is now roughly half a Porsche; plastics, carpets, interior bits, etc.) At the moment, it's at Autopower of San Diego getting a cage and belts, first track day is this weekend at Willow Springs. Not looking to get into any series, we just want to get on the track. (Returning from a several year absence myself, and dragging some poor sod with me.) For now, the powertrain is bone stock. Because of the high mileage, I'm gonna assume the IMS was done, at least for now. If the motor blows this weekend, I'll get a 3.2 to cram in there. If not, it'll get done when we do the kinda sketchy clutch. We're just gonna do this weekend and see what happens, because why not. This isn't a road car, and I don't have any preconceived notions of keeping it on the road, even for weekend drives. I have a few pictures of us on the road a day or two after we bought it, but that was it. I need something to keep me busy on the weekends, so whether it's on the track or wrenching, this one should be fine.

(all the parts laying around it are now carefully stacked in my kitchen.)

I hope this thread brings some much-lacking depravity and mechanical perversion to this far too sensible forum.

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