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Originally Posted by j.fro View Post
Very interesting! Does anyone have power numbers or Dyno charts showing gains from using the 996 manifold on the 3.2? I'm really interested to see just how much power could be made with our 3.2. Given that the 2.0 in the 1967 911R & 904 made 220, why can't we get 350 from the 986 S motor?
My guess is the 3.2 heads won't flow enough to get intake, exhaust and significant head work are required. Porting, camshafts, valves / springs, cam timing. This restriction was of course put in place by design. I believe one can approach 300 with bolt ons but I have not heard of any being able to break through

Woody posted some surprisingly good dyno results from bolt ons and ECU tunning. I would link it if I could find it.

If we get into the heads and start doing it, how is the 3.2's propensity for head cracking mitigated? One could asks this for a total engine build as well.

I feel your frustration ......I remember track days where I just couldn't shake old 993 on my tail...
00 986 S....with a few tweaks

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