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Originally Posted by Geof3 View Post
I know generally cats can rattle if they go bad, but not sure about the Boxsters. Bang on yours with a rubber mallet, who knows? If your tensioners were worn, or your pads I think it would be odd to only hear the noise at a single rpm range and not at all on cold start. For giggles, check your rotating things. PS pump, alt etc. it might be that your alt has bad bearings and the change in rotation is making them more known, or possibly the alt pully. They can go bad as well.
Cat and exhaust: checked with mallet, no loose components
Pulleys: checked when I installed UDP and new belt, all smooth and little bearing play

As fas as the alternator pulley, it has overrun clutch, if I recall? What is the typical effect of failed alt bearing and can it cause my issue?
1997 Boxster arctic silver/ red, XNE riveted mahogany/ leather steering wheel & 917-style wood shift knob, Benís short shifter, PSE, 996 TB, UDP, stereo/ center console delete, daily driven shine or snow.
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