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Angry My driver side power window is possesed by a demon, PLEASE HELP

I am not sure what to do any more.

I bought the car knowing it had a driver side power window issue. And after reading a few posts, and talking to tech at Pelican I didn't see this as a reason not to buy the car.... I am starting to think this was a mistake.

So here is what it does. Please note the PASSENGER side window works perfect! Just like it should. Release the top, it inches down, it does EVERYTHING it should. Now the driver's window.... I am not sure what the hell it is thinking. Some times it will operate smoothly, just like it should. Other times, you go to roll the window down and goes down in like 2" increments. You have to keep pushing the button to make it go down. When it does this, it is the same process to roll it up. 2" increments until you get to the top of the door. Ok so now the window is at the top, the next part is a gamble. You go to open the door and SOMETIMES the window will drop, but when you close the door it does not go back up. As a matter of fact, if you keep opening the door the window will inch it's way down not going up. Now the flip side, is some times it won't even go down when you roll it all the way up. Oh and I have also had it roll down halfway while opening the door. When it does that the window will NOT go back up! It's a fight, you roll it up, it goes down, you roll it up again, it goes back down, you threaten to burn the car to the ground and collect the insurance... it stays up. Please note that while all this is happening the passenger side window is behaving just fine!

So here is what I did.

I bought a new Genuine window regulator, and a new driver side door switch. I installed both of them following the tech article.

When I was done, the window worked like it should. I was happy and proud of my achievement.

Then I installed a short shifter. And as you know you remove the power window switches, etc, etc to get to it. Installed the shifter.... Very nice I like it.... Put the center consol back together...... And lets say the verbage out of my mouth was not pretty. The driver side window was BACK TO IT'S OLD SELF. (I want to cry right now)

So I tried to retrain the windows..... NOTHING.... (argh)
I swapped the passenger power window switch with the driver side.... Things seemed good! It was working normal!..... Played with it like 4 times! I thought I had success! Run upstairs.... run back down to the car, because I forgot my glasses.... AND THE EFFING WINDOW IS ACTING UP AGAIN!.

So the last thing I did... is I retrained the window AGAIN. Open and closed it a couple times, it worked. I locked it and said it's tequila time...

I know tomorrow morning the window is going to give me hell again. Please advise! I don't know what to do any more!

Remember the passenger side window behaves just fine!
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