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Still chasing the root cause...

I read about 2005 987 owners complaining the same issue, that was resolved with the updated oil pressure relief piston with chamfered top edge and new spring.

So tried my luck with them for just $15, but it did not do the trick...

This rattle/ noise around 2,400 rpm, seems to be exposed after installation no new 987 engine mount (original was torn) and UDP that reduced noise from accessories, as did not notice it almost 2 years of driving before, even though mostly top down so harder to notice noises.

Related internet threads suggest intake noise/ pulsation as a suspect root cause. I use a larger 996 mechanical throttle body, but otherwise stock intake components, and I wonder my 996 TB, paired with UDP, has something to do with this noise issue isolated to very slight throttle opening.

I checked exhaust and heat shield, and they seem to be tight and rattle-free. This noise is only produced with car running/ engine loaded, and I could never reproduce it with car parked no matter how I rev the motor.

Any more thoughts out there?
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