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Originally Posted by Starter986 View Post
I've seen that recommendation many times, and it begs the question:

How do you pull on the headlight if access to remove the headlight is... uh... from inside the frunk?
Originally Posted by Starter986 View Post
C'mon guys.
Well, one way is to remove right front wheel and wheel liner. Then simply rotate the retaining bar holding the light pod in from there. Another reason to ditch wheel locks should you still be using them. Or you can simply just pull the wire from in there instead.

That said, on my old 997 there was also an emergency release wire for rear deck lid under left taillight. Same design as front, essentially. The manual instructions were to fish around w/ a small hook under the rear taillight assembly for the end loop in the wire and free it from there. Could try same w/ front but there are obviously more obstacles in there like headlight washer tubes, light tray, retainer bar, wires, etc. If you try this method, remember the wire comes from the hood latch and tucks behind the headlight pod on the inside not outside. So you'll have better luck 'fishing' closer towards frunk than fender.

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