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Exclamation Yes, this has been gone over a zillion times, but I'm an idiot so..

well, I decided to put the pushrods back on, since I'll be putting a new Robbins roof on the car, and I'll need to maneuver the roof up and down to do this.

I followed Mike's directions, drill, cables, sync trans levers, measured, and with difficulty put the rods onto their respective balls. I had of course needed to lift the roof compartment lid to do all this, but with enough frustration hey I did it!

Or did I?

I turned on the car to test and immediately got the roof is open idiot light (yeah the roof compartment lid is open, but the roof is closed, with the lever pulled down and hook clear, so) I pushed the rocker switch.


Pushed in both directions,


So now I have the roof closed, but the roof compartment lid partially open.

I would hate to pull thing apart again. I really would like a working convertible roof.
Manually opening and closing it was so, well, unworthy of this car. I realize I'm going to get a lot of advice about micro switches, and the parking brake (no dash light indicator) but ANY advice would be great.

Would love to finish before first snow! Thanks

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