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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post
Hey phil how many HCs are the toyos good for?

You going to tbolt with schattenbaum?
Hey, yes I will be there this weekend. The RR's are good for 25-30 heat cycles on my car. I've heard of people getting 40 or more, but I usually cord them in the mid/upper 20's due to the race alignment.

I think I have 2 255's and 2 235's loose and ready to go, with 2 additional 235's mounted on wheels...I can have them taken off, just need to know before I go to the shop to pick my car up on Friday. One set of 235's have 13HC on them, the other 235/255 set is unknown but my last time out on them was within 0.3 of my best time on TBolt...let me know
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