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Originally Posted by Troy.Boxster View Post
I think I know what you mean here, but I'd advise you to lean on the side of performance a bit. You never know (especially in SoCal) when you are going to need to slam on your brakes and stopping distance may be the difference between a really bad day and a sigh of relief. Going one step up from what you think is the sweet spot between performance and economy may be cheap insurance, especially for a daily driver.
Also, stop-and-go traffic for miles heading down towards the Grapevine had my brakes (on my other car) starting to fail so I take that experience into consideration when comparing brands, ratings, and level of performance I want.
Just my 2-cents. Enjoy the car and the driving. I loved driving mine in and around San Diego while I was there.
I fully agree. I'd again refer back to my recent tire purchase; there were certainly many probably adequate and far cheaper options available, but I went Pirelli to save much over the Michelins but still have something I can trust. That's why the Brembo caught my eye, given my experience with them in other applications. I was just wondering where folks might think they fit on the continuum of quality, and whether they are in fact at the right place on the curve, or if there was something preferable at approximately the same price point, or equal and even cheaper. If I start paying much more, I'd just go with the Porsche; they might be double what I'm looking at for the Brembos, but at the end of the day its less than $200 difference for the one axle.
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