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Originally Posted by mmassey0125 View Post
Hey dude. Sorry particlewave decided to make this post his personal attack post. I gave you an honest post based on my personal experience. I personally like using "genuine porsche" parts it is my preference. If he does not he can give you his reasons. I never said porsche makes the parts. To be a "genuine" part porsche will only accept manufacturers parts that they inspect/test and meet their standards. That goes from engine parts to suspension to tires etc. They are not oem parts. You can chose any you like. I was only giving you my take based on my preferences. Good luck.

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No worries. I for one understand that two identical parts can come off the same line one day, and one meet Porsche's specs/tolerances, and another not, and the former may appear in a Porsche-branded box and the other bear the name of the manufacturer. Oftentimes, that might indeed get me to buy the P-branded one as you do. I just think in this case that a respected manufacturer (who Porsche trusts with their production) would have high enough standards for even their house-branded (let's call them perhaps b-grade) to make saving a few hundred bucks worth going with those, since I don't come near to putting demands on my brakes that Porsche is probably considering when they set their specs. Like the Pirelli vs Michelin choice. If I had won that $1.6 billion I'd probably always buy P-brand, but I have to pick & choose where I'm willing to pay the upcharge.
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