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Originally Posted by bmsamson View Post
I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest, just not worth spending on performance I won't use
I think I know what you mean here, but I'd advise you to lean on the side of performance a bit. You never know (especially in SoCal) when you are going to need to slam on your brakes and stopping distance may be the difference between a really bad day and a sigh of relief. Going one step up from what you think is the sweet spot between performance and economy may be cheap insurance, especially for a daily driver.
Also, stop-and-go traffic for miles heading down towards the Grapevine had my brakes (on my other car) starting to fail so I take that experience into consideration when comparing brands, ratings, and level of performance I want.
Just my 2-cents. Enjoy the car and the driving. I loved driving mine in and around San Diego while I was there.
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