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It's ridiculous that you think slapping a Porsche sticker on a Bosch, Beru or Brembo part somehow makes it magically better and worth paying the 200%-500% Porsche tax instead of just buying the Bosch, Beru or Brembo part at a much lower cost...or better yet, buying an even better and/or lower cost part with a proven track record.

You probably shouldn't send snarky PMs to members you don't agree with, like you did to me, either. It's impolite. I've had to add you to my ignore list to prevent you from sending additional PMs, so now I can't see your replies, either.
My statement, "Porsche doesn't make brake pads or rotors" is 100% true, which you even just admitted to. Don't get so worked up, chief.

My point was that you can buy OEM parts without paying the premium for the "Genuine Porsche" sticker on the box.


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