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Yet another newbie looking for input on brake pads/rotor brands

Hi. First time doing a brake change on my Boxster, trying to get an idea of what to get. Surprised to see that AutoZone carries Brembo pads and rotors for our cars, with the current 20% off deal they're offering, quite reasonable for the set (all-in for the fronts, with sensors, about $235 including tax and delivery). Both of my bikes (BMW) came with Brembo calipers so I have some faith in the brand, but clearly there are lots of options (and opinions, based on my search here for past queries on the subject) so before I push 'checkout' (the sale ends the 29th) I thought I'd check the current opinions out there.

03 Base, daily driver, no track.

I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest, just not worth spending on performance I won't use (similarly, I just put a set of Pirelli Nero on the car, not Michelin SS, but not Wal-Mart specials either). Since the car didn't come with drilled rotors I wasn't planning on those, don't really need to worry about rust in SoCal but it seems many rotors are coated, which is fine but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

By the way, any extra hardware that I need to get at the same time? I don't usually replace pins, and sensors are not lighting so I presume I can re-use them, but is there a backing plate for the pads I need to get, or anything else that might be particular to these cars?

Thanks in advance.
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