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Originally Posted by astrayelmgod View Post
My entry is my 2006 Boxster S. Late model engine, with the large, supposedly failure proof bearing. Not true. The mechanic says he has never seen or heard of a failure in such a late model engine. I am interested in knowing if anyone else has had a problem with cars newer than 2004. I see there are lots of messages here about failures in cars up to 2004, but I haven't seen any for later than that.

By the way, I was doing all the voodoo stuff for warding off the IMS gremlin. Keep the engine speed above 3K, check. Use quality oil and change it frequently, check. Watch for oil leaks on the center-line of the engine, check. What got me into the shop was that it was missing at high speed (> 5,000 RPM), but only after a minute or so.
We have seen a few. Close as we can tell, they happen in smaller numbers than the earlier single row cars, but they definitely still do happen.
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