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Originally Posted by 911monty View Post
This question conveys a fundamental lack of understanding of how a hydraulic system works and is dangerous.

Again no offense but sometimes a man just has to know his limitations.

Okay Since you actually asked this question I will be the lone dissenter. I'm offering this as sincerely as possible. Your brakes are the ultimate safety system on your car and can result in severe injury to yourself and the public if not done properly. My recommendation to you is to pay an indy to do this, it will be well worth the 1 hr. What are you going to do if you twist off a caliper line? Maybe the indy will let you watch and you can do next time. Otherwise, since you don't track your car having a Motive bleeder sitting around for two years with brake fluid in it, it may not even work next time you want to use it. Got someone with experience that wants to help you then great, otherwise let a pro do it. Good Luck and best wishes however you elect to proceed.
OK. Dirty Harry. I do know my limitations, and is why precisely I turn to the forum. Bleeding brakes... swapping brake lines... not exactly rocket science... which is why I inquired about the preliminary steps to swaping the lines and then bleeding the brakes.

I've watched several vids to replace lines/bleed the system and, in my younger days, bled a few brakes absent a bleeder... and survived to tell about it. I restored my 86 bim through books, vids, and a couple of forums... so I'm fairly confident in my ability to wrench.

I would exercise extreme caution and diligence when removing the existing lines (I'd be in no hurry).

Trust me... I do listen to you guys, and wouldn't attempt the swap without first consulting with you pros.

That said... I could just refresh the fluid... properly bleeding the brakes... and wait on the SS install until the day I HAVE TO bring the car to a shop.

Your primary concern (and I thank you for that) is I might break or tear or FU something beyond my ability. This is the reason why I would take my time... and follow proper procedure.

Sincerely I value opinion and instruction.

In conclusion, and I'll follow your lead... Go? Or no go?

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