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I just did exactly what you are about to do back in July using Stoptech SS lines. In addition I installed new pads all around while in there.. The process I followed was to swap out each line, swap out each set of pads, and, using a Motive bleeder, bleed each caliber starting with the furthest working up to the closest. Since I have a 6 speed I also bled the clutch.

You will lose quite a bit of fluid when swapping the lines so be prepared with plenty of rags. You will also get more air out then if simply bleeding. Be very gentle loosening the brake lines nuts and only use a proper sized flare nut wrench also on the bleeders. You do not want to round off or strip these nuts. And ensue they are tightened but not overly so.

All in all it is a very simple but potentially messy job so take your time. The assistance of a friend to watch the Motive bleeder fluid level is helpful since you don't want air introduced into the system.

Good luck!
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