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Originally Posted by Starter986 View Post
I'm going to flush my brake fluid... read/saw the instructions/directions ready to proceed. Waiting on the ordered Motive bleeder.

I'm also going to install SS brake lines. I'll remove the brake fluid cover and remove/install the lines trying to mitigate fluid going all over the place. Waiting on the flare nut wrench set.

My inquiry...

Should first I install the new lines then flushing the fluid with new? Or... flush the fluid with new... install the new lines... then "top off" the fluid?

I appreciate any guidance, tips, and tricks. Thank you.
I think you would be wasting time and fluid flushing before hand unless there is some specific reason. You are going to lose a lot of fluid during the bleeding process ......might as well combine the flush and bleed after the line change....just my opinion
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