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What I did:

OEM Euro 3 into 1 manifolds. I've wasted far too many hours of my life trying to make aftermarket headers fit properly in my various cars. With OEM manifolds, you know they will fit right the first time. They flow more than good enough for my needs, certainly as compared against the cat manifolds linked in my earlier thread.

Circuit Werks secondary "resonator" pipes. Note that all of the acoustical "stuffing" was quickly and amusingly blown out of them during their initial start up. If you wanted cats, then just select the C.W. cat convertor version instead.

Dansk "sausage" muffler. Very high quality, and a perfect fit. Bought used, scratches and dents as seen in the picture courtesy of the previous owner.

The combination of these 3 components sounds great, and I consider it to be my "perfect" system. Lots of that flat-6 character without any drone, and overall it saved me close to 50 pounds over stock.


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