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Over-thinking? Me??

Hell yeah!!!!!

Actually, thats what makes it all fun to me, I mean the car runs great, I have got very nice sound and good power.. So, itīs obviously time to make things complicated. Itīs all a hobby and I love to go "all the way" in everything I do, so your observation is definitely correct!

About the headers not being equal length, I might be mistaken but from pictures of the "e-bay headers" I think it looks like un-equal length. But when I (over)think about it, that sounds strange, why produce headers with un-equal length?

I was out today on a great autumn-drive, thought about my exhaust plans and realise that if I go all in as intended it most certainly will be far too loud.. And droning, so. More over-thinking needed..

-To answer if this will be a no-compromise track car: No, the general idea is a "stealth track car", It must serve as a street car but be as capable as possible at the track. This means that I want to get rid of all the "low hanging" weight, so a lighter exhaust is one of many pieces in the puzzle.

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