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Originally Posted by mikefocke View Post
The people who usually answer emails like this get tired of answering and they are sometimes short with people who don't show that they have been looking using the search engine or published resources.

Let me suggest posting your model year and mileage, your mechanical experience, and any maintenance history you know of the car. Living where you do (NZ I presume) I'm sure there are limited local resources so beyond the standard Porsche suggested maintenance schedule, has anything beyond that been done to the car that you know of? Do you have any maintenance manuals? What diagnostic tools do you have? What is your budget?
Totally agree. That is life and people express what ever they want, be that positive or not. But anyway…

I have the workshop manuals and other publications. Boxster 2002 2.7 manual. 120.000km. I do have mechanical/electrical/design knowledge rebuilding custom motorcycles. I have already done interior/electrical/suspension work on the car, but not yet any engine work apart from the basic oil/filter/sensor. I need good advice from where to start.

No diagnostic tools yet. Planning to buy the Foxwell 520 pro as seems it reads live data such as ignition, positions, angles, etc… and it is not really expensive.

I am looking more towards the MECHANICAL PREVENTIVE/ADJUSTMENT engine maintenance.

The IMS/RMS has been replaced 10.000km ago. Filters, oil… this basic stuff all done. No oil/coolant leaks.

The car idles and runs really well. I can hear the valves making their tick-tick sound a bit too loud. Not sure if that is how these engines sound. I am sure it is not chain slack as the beat is precise and not random in frequency and loudness.

That made me think about checking the valve clearance. But from what I could find that would need the engine off. But also not something critical.

The next thing that comes to mind are the camshaft tensioners and pads. That made me think about diagnosing cam deviation angle to determine if there is slack. Not sure if that is the right assumption but it would save the hassle of taking the engine out. I am pretty sure I do not have a problem there “yet”, but checking would determine if I should act sooner or later.

I have in mind the Boxster is not a car that will raise in value and is accessible to people like myself who do not have loads of money to buy a new or classic Porsche. So as you can see I am trying to have some fun as I enjoy working on the car but also keep the car stock/healthy on a long term being conscious not spending unnecessarily now or let things fail to then be in trouble later.
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