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Originally Posted by PGas32 View Post
That's very likely true, but for what it's worth, everyone who runs out of the same shop as I do has Pagid blacks all around...that's about 8 SPBs ranging from DFL to podium finishers. I've run yellows, and I've run PFCs and I really can't tell a difference, though to be fair I've never tested them back-to-back on the same day. Blacks are the cheapest, so that's the answer for me. I mash the pedal, turn, and go

I am, however, considering the PFCs as I've been mowing through a set of fronts every weekend (test day plus 3-day race event) with the Pagid blacks. I run them basically down the the backing plate, but I wonder if PFC's wouldn't get me just a little more life.
The Yellow RS29's last longer for me than the blacks in the front, which is primarily why I run them. They have a little better feel to me as well.
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